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Wkd DX 3cm RS >500km  11.05.+ 07/24.06./22.07./04.08./27.08.+12.09.2016 F6DKW JN18CS 582km 13.05./04.08/27.08. F5DQK JN18GR 559km, 22/29/30/31.05/23/24.06/28.08.  OZ7Z JO44VW 642km, 23.05. SP6ASD JO81LD 531km, 27.05+07/24/25/26/30.06/02/05/10/11/12/22/23/25/26/27/30.07/16.08/28.08./29.08.  I6XCK JN63QO 667km, 30.05. OZ1FF JO45BO 728km, 31.05 OZ1LPR JO44UW 642km, 07.06. PA0T JO33JC 500km, 23.06+27.08 G3LQR JO02QF 706km, 23.06. G3XDY JO02OB 708km, 25.06 SP9CP JO90MT 660km tnx new#, 02/23.07+10.8. S59GS JN75NP 542km, 05/30.07+ 16.08. 9A4ZM JN64WU 557km, 11.07. S51ZO JN86DR 639km.22.07. OZ3ZW JO54RS 629km, 23.07 9A1Z JN86DL 547km, 9A2SB JN95GM 753km, 27.07. IW2BNA JN45ON 527km,16.08 I1KFH JN45FG 500km, 16.08 IZ1EVF JN44IV 500km tnx new#,27.08  F6DZK JN08VP 613km
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German VHF UHF SHF Amateur Radio Station DL7QY - Claus Neie, Schwabenaecker 49, D-74594 Kressberg, Germany - ph: 0049 (0)7951-7418

 DL7QY Initials Log  F5LEN  Tropo forecast for Europe  mmwLoss vs dewpoint by WA1ZMS mmwPath_Loss  Find your 10 digit Grid square  10digit  Locator  HP Phase Noise Measurement Seminar KE5FX

  VUSHF DX Expedions 2016   12 Digit Grid Locator on Google Earth      Design Program Omni directional  µWave antennas


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Condx Mirowave Index (Southern Germany) click on the graph below to watch the observed beacon values in html format

    AFB 2007          AFB 2008         AFB 2009          AFB 2010         AFB 2011         AFB 2012         AFB 2013         AFB 2014        AFB 2015       AFB 2016


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AFB Amateurfunkbeobachtungen July 2007 - 2016(Excel)       (AFB = SHF beacon monitoring ) AFBhtm (html)

Initials (Erstverbindungen) Log (Excel) Log (html) DC7AN (GM37e) 1968 Berlin Charlottenburg

Initials (Erstverbindungen) Log (Excel) Log (html) DL7QY (GM47b) 1969 - 1978 Berlin Schoeneberg (data not available yet)

Initials (Erstverbindungen) Log (Excel) Log (html) DL7QY (JN59BD) 1978 - 2016  Kressberg Rudolfsberg  

Damals wars.... Video ausgestrahlt vom SFB 1976, Mitwirkende DL7DO, DL7AA, DL7YC, DL7QY , DL7SD, DL7XA, DC7BJ und Kameramann DL7XW ex DC7CA                                      








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SFB Abendschau 1976